Welcome to Canvas Animations


My name is Ben Matthews. I am a software developer and artist from Albuquerque New Mexico. About a year ago I started working in Javascript with a library called P5.JS, and fell in love with creating unique and interesting canvas animations. Since then, I’ve created many different projects using the HTML5 canvas, and I would like to use this site to share them with everyone.

This site will be dedicated to hosting and discussing some of my work creating animations using Javascript and the HTML5 canvas. I created this site to double up as a personal portfolio, and a blog where I can share my thoughts and projects with people. Sometimes I will write about the technical details of a project, other times I will discuss ideas for a future project. Sometimes I may just post a short example of some of the work that I’ve been doing over on CodePen.io.

I hope that you will find this site enjoyable and insightful!

— Ben